delCane is an internationally acclaimed brand famous for its luxury dog accessories which caters to both dogs and their owners. Our avant-garde line of accessories were designed to unite you and your dog. Whether you’re out for a stroll, visiting with friends or just lounging around together at home, you can experience the synergy of being In Style Together.

Our unique delCane trademarked products were created for dog lovers, by dog lovers, who attach a central importance to the world of fashion as well as distinctive interior home designs. delCane products like dog beds or dog blankets double as an element of your interior décor; offering a solution to tidy up your space and the ability to express your personal style, while creating truly remarkable interiors and highly functional dog accessories.

Our range of products bearing the delCane logo includes dog beds, leashes and collars as well as interchangeable dog scarves, bracelets and dog blankets. You have the freedom to create a fashion-based link with your pet while expressing your individual style and adding the finishing touches to compliment your unique look.

We invite you to connect with the culture of delCane where you and your dog will remain In Style Together.

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