Cookie Policy

The delCane on-line store operating at the addresses: and uses cookies. Cookies used by the delCane on-line store are completely safe and do not cause any configuration changes in hardware or software.
By using the delCane on-line store, the Customer agrees to delCane using cookies according to this Cookies Policy. The gathering of data contained in the cookies can be switched off or limited (e.g. temporarily) at any moment. In order to do that, you just need to select the right settings in the Internet browser options.


Cookies are IT data, especially small text information in the form of text files, sent by the server and saved on the device of the user visiting the on-line store website.


The data contained in cookies are gathered by delCane automatically while the user is using the delCane on-line store website. The cookies are used by delCane to create statistics, manage and administrate the delCane on-line store, especially for:

  • storing the on-line store user’s choices and preferences;
  • guaranteeing that a session is maintained and the user’s session state is saved;
  • identifying and verifying the user making purchases in the on-line store;
  • storing the purchasing process, e.g. the shopping cart’s contents.

delCane also uses cookies to analyse access to the on-line store. In order to do that, delCane uses Google Analytics, which allows to track the delCane on-line store website with Google tools, especially in order to analyse processes connected with accessing and using the on-line store website.

The delCane on-line store also uses the ad functions of Google Analytics, which include: re-marketing with the use of Google Analytics, personalised ads (interest-based ads), viewing reports in the Google ad network, reports of demographics and interests data in Google Analytics, as well as integrated services which require Google Analytics to gather data through the use of identifiers and cookies regarding ads. Ad functions allow for gathering traffic data not only in a standard manner, but also with the use of identifiers and cookies regarding Google ads. Find out more about different types of cookies used in Google ad services at:

Find out more about how to switch these functions off at:

At the same time, in order to create ad campaigns on Facebook, including personalising them, the delCane on-line store uses Facebook re-marketing pixel. Find out more about the Facebook cookies policy, including cookies policy regarding ads, at:
The delCane on-line store uses also a comprehensive tools to gather, for IT purposes only, completely anonymous information about the delCane on-line store website users – Hotjar and Smartlook, which enable saving heat maps, creating polls, and recording mouse movements, among others.


The delCane on-line store uses the following types of cookies:
“session cookies” – these are temporary files which remain saved on the computer or another user’s device until the user logs out from the on-line store website or turns off the Internet browser;
“permanent cookies” – these are files that remain on the user’s device for a time determined in the parameters of each cookie file, or until the user deletes them manually.


The gathering of data contained in the cookies can be switched off or limited at any moment by selecting appropriate settings in the Internet browser options. However, turning off or limiting the use of cookies may affect some of the functionalities of the delCane on-line store, e.g. placing an order may turn out to be impossible.

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