Mondo Collection

The minimalist Mondo collection is the very essence of Italian design. We use genuine Italian full grain leather, featuring prominent light grey stitching and a decorative metal tag, loop and ring. These handcrafted embellishments perpetuate a hip and minimalist design, while providing superior comfort and maximum functionality.

The Mondo collection includes beds, collars, leashes, scarves and blankets. Our chic and cozy delCane logo dog beds and blankets double as an element of your interior decor, offering an eye-catching solution to tidy up your space while providing you a platform for your own distinctive style.

Mondo tartan dog scarves, in turn, can accentuate a dog’s collar, be worn traditionally, or tied on to one’s wrist, belt or handbag to create a finished look.

delCANE Design
Made in EU
Tested by Dog Owners
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