The delCane brand originated in the fashion mecca of the Milan Fashion Triangle, in Italy. The inspiration and perfection of Prada designs was blended with our love of luxurious textiles, setting exceptional standards for our impeccable style and our extraordinary collection of Italian accessories.

Our intimate city connection brands us with the streets of Milan where we integrate evolving fashion trends and cutting edge design, emanating a distinctive synergy which embodies our collection. The minimalist Mondo collection is the very essence of Italian design. The casual Strada collection asserts an avant-garde approach and has been designed to suit the taste of “grunge” style enthusiasts who desire a more edgy look.

Our In Style Together philosophy is the link to our interchangeable product line, whereas the individual elements of our specific collections are a perfect match for each other. Our street-line gives you the freedom to express your individualism when accessorizing with our dog scarves, bracelets, dog collars and dog leashes.

Dog owners are offered the opportunity to wear wrist bracelets whose design matches that of the Strada collection’s leather dog leashes and collars. Mondo dog scarves, in turn, can accentuate a dog’s collar, be worn traditionally, or tied on to one’s wrist, belt or handbag to create a finished look.

Our home accessory line is perfectly suited to interiors focusing around various styling themes. Our chic and cozy delCane logo dog beds and blankets are much more than just a space where your dog sleeps. These functional products double as an element of your interior decor, offering an eye-catching solution to tidy up your space while providing you a platform for your own distinctive style.

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